What is our approach?

Our approach, as a property developer in Manchester, is focused on three pillars: Design, Learning and Innovation and Collaboration. We believe that great developments enhance the lives of people that use it and are impacted by it. And, those developments responds both to its local context and the market. Therefore, it includes delivering wider environmental, social and economic benefits. 


Design approach“Good design is not just about how a place looks and feels, it is about how it works”.

We love good design. It’s at the heart of what Generation do. We want to create buildings, spaces and places that others love. We care about how they look and for how they function. As a consequence, that improves our neighbourhoods, towns and cities.

Generation believes that a great development enhances the lives of those that use and are impacted by it. So, we design environments for the people who occupy them, as well as, for the people in the neighbourhoods that surround them.

Every opportunity is unique so we don’t work to a template. Therefore, we tailored each development scheme to fit, giving a bespoke solution.

Good design is fundamental as a property developer. 

Patrick Ross

Development Director  


Learning and Innovation approach: “We study the changing nature of cities and markets, so we combine our insight with the latest innovative ideas”

We are fascinated by the buildings and the urban areas that they sit within. 

The city is driven by their market and policy/political context. Manchester is constantly changing and evolving. 

As a result, the requirements of those future developments that occupy the buildings also change and evolve.

We like to study and analyse those changes, context and requirements so that we understand them as best we can and are able to respond effectively to them with new ideas, as well as identify the new opportunities they create. This understanding informs the decisions Generation, as a property developer, make about acquisition, investment, design and use. We study and monitor previous, current and emerging trends. We also keep up to date with new innovations in areas like technology and construction. This enables us to develop new solutions and approaches. So we can produce buildings that better meet people’s requirements. We don’t have all the answers, but that drives us to keep on learning and trying.“  

Zahid Anwar



Collaboration: Our approach is based on partnership and collaboration, preferring to work with rather than against others. Not only does this deliver more, but it is also just a nicer way to work.

“Our experience in property development has demonstrated that by collaborating effectively with others and working in partnership it delivers quicker, delivers more and does it more efficiently. Also, work is just easier and more fun when you get on with the people you are working with.

We like to collaborate with others that share our values and are always keen to engage with those who have an interest in what we do or may be impacted upon by our projects. Generation has a range of partners that we work with such as local authorities, our consultant team, landowners and other property developers – and we are keen to develop relationships with more.

If you have a potential project or collaboration you would like to discuss with us, please get in touch.”  

Shehzad Chaudhri


By Generation Team


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