Manchester: Economy

Manchester has the highest rise in housing price growth and rental growth, in comparison to any other city in the UK, according to a recent report by Cushman & Wakefield. Some of their other key findings are that:

-After London, Manchester is experiencing one of the fastest growing economies, is one of the most dynamic cities in Europe to live and work

-The forecast for the housing market shows a rise in house prices in the city of 57% by 2028.

-There is a 16% difference between the average price of an existing home and a new home in the city. Unlike other UK cities as Newcastle, where new homes could cost roughly 50% more than the existing ones.

-The city is one of the best in Europe to do business in. Some major corporations have key operations within Manchester: Co-operative Group, Amazon, Royal Bank of Scotland, BBC and ITV. In addition, a combination of new startups and small independent businesses are creating new jobs.

-The rental market also has had the highest increase of any UK city. In April, rent was up to 10%, Leeds 8% and a fallen by -8% for London and -9.5% Newcastle.

-A considerable amount of the City’s students decide to stay after graduation. Manchester maintains the second highest retention in graduates after London, 50% of Manchester’s graduates stay in the city for work and many others that study in other locations return after graduation, according to the Higher Education Statistics Agency.

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